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What Is NLP 2017-07-22T14:42:05+00:00

NLP Origins

NLP stands for Neuro Linguistic Programming, which is a powerful technology which helps us to explore the relationship between how people think (Neuro), how people communicate {linguistic (verbal) and non-linguistic (non-verbal)} and patterns of behaviors and emotions (programming). NLP starts with an attitude of being curios about how some people make things work, how some people excel more, how some people are just brilliant, and able to excel in any situation. This curiosity leads to an exploration of easily learn-able small chunks (modelling), how excellence can be learn, and then can be taught to others.  Eg. If somebody is very good in public speaking.  Using NLP the behavior of excellence in public speaking can be created in a model using which it can be replicated by others easily.

NLP is often called as user manual to human brain, how to unlock excellence, how people can tap into their own resources, and get better on their own, how to generate behaviors which produces excellent results, how to create powerful beliefs,  how to communicate better with others.  NLP helps people to learn how to create powerful directions in life, and move towards them, stay motivated on the journey and live a happy life where they are in control of the actions towards their destination.

NLP was created by Richard Bandler and John Grinder in 1970’s as an alternate method for people to understand their limitless potential, to breakthrough from their un-resourceful thinking patterns, to live a happy life.

NLP is outcome focused, and looks at how to reach to a certain point rather than delving into what is not working.  Example: If somebody is feeling low or depressed, then rather than asking, ‘Why are you feeling depressed or low?’ because this is going to put a people into a frame which will create more negativity and person will feel more low and will tell how they are doing it.  Rather than if you ask the person a towards question, “What do you want instead?” Person can say, “I want to feel better”, then the conversation, and discussion would be around creating options/choices how to move towards that state (about how to feel better).

NLP is a new age technology which is being used in Leadership Development, Executive Coaching,  Life Coaching,  Sales Training,  Enhancing Communication Training,  Sports Psychology etc.