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NLP Coach Program in India

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NLP Coach Program in India

NLP and Coaching have gained immense popularity in India over the last 2 decades. Both these skills have more than one organization governing their certifications. Both the skills are based on the concept of having heightened awareness about oneself.

NLP was discovered by Richard Bandler and John Grinder somewhere in the 1970’s, whereas professional coaching gained popularity in the 1990’s when W.T. Gallwey wrote a book “The inner games of Tennis’, though it has been used by people since ages.

NLP Coach program in India is an awesome combination of both the skills and technique that uses the best of both to help people chalk their way out to success/ happiness whatever you’d like to call it.

One of the major similarities between the concepts of NLP and Coaching is self-awareness:


Both NLP and coaching focus and helping an individual understand oneself. It helps you find answer to questions like, “Who am I really?” “What are my value and belief systems?” “Why I do what I do?” “What makes me act/ react in a particular manner?” “How do I look at people?” “How do I look at situations?” Basically both NLP and coaching help you in deep diving and know yourself better. Both skills take you towards self-discovery. We usually in our day-today mundane and ever demanding life, hardly take time to think about ourselves. NLP Coach Program in India gives you this opportunity to think about yourself and explore the unknown or rather discover that part of your personality you are unaware of.

If you look at the methodologies of both these skills, there is one major difference that you will observe. NLP is a skill that likes to experiment with wide variety of techniques and methodologies that would help an individual achieve what he/ she wants. Coaching alternatively is a skill that focuses on a singular perspective of the ‘individual’ by herself/ himself. NLP works on the minds of individuals by helping you think of models of excellence of successful people whereas Coaching strictly focuses on YOU. NLP Coach program in India helps you get the best of both and having a combined certification of both these skills can be the best thing that can happen to any professional in the field that involves ‘working with the thoughts and emotions of people’.

It’s not an easy job. As a professional NLP coach you have to be highly alert, non-judgmental, mindful of all that you are listening from your client. And Listening as many of you may be already aware of, is not just about words we hear. Listening is much more than words. Listening is also about understanding the unsaid through expressions, body language, meaning behind the said words, seeking clarification in definition of words that many have different meanings for different people, and much more.

There are many institutes offering courses on NLP coach program in India that offer certifications from many established organizations that run NLP content and coaching skill is generally certified by the International Coach Federation which is highly recognized internationally.

Since both the professions are new to the Indian community, there is an amazing scope for individuals to undergo this course of NLP Coach Program in India. With the increasing competition in the corporate world and the increasing need for people to continue believing in themselves; this profession can create wonders. While appropriate certifications form recognized institutes cam offer you great money, this profession also offers you great satisfactions for the kind of service you offer to individuals who are struggling in their day to life in finding solutions for the little big problems that they are in.

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